Its winter already the snow has began to fall  …Its again another season that passes  away in silence .

It was so silent  that I could not even hear my heart beat. Wait  is my heart beating? May or may not be?

 How do I know that?

 Did it turned out to be clay?

No I don’t think so

I think there is a war going in my brain between my neurons ….

May be my immunity system is working   so hard to preserve me like this…


but it may be the medicines that I have taken just now…because  my immunity system failed  forever …now I am just a puppet  a giant  puppet  not even able to move but wait for its master to make it play a story….

Yes the story of dreams that I always wants to play…

My dramatic story was written by my destiny a year ago…when I had to shed all my tears to preserve my dreams that will never come to the daylight ….

There was a time when all the world stands for me for hearing my words .I was a talkative ordinary girl with extra ordinary mind that was what  people told about me..

Yes it’s true now that I am extra ordinary from others in my disease too…

I was always in my dream world where I talked to myself explored myself  and nurtured my dreams…

 whenever  people remember my name their neurons  will generate a sense of cute dreams and bring a smile on their faces.

But  now it’s not …

Now their neurons hesitate to think about me..

.their neurons are afraid of being like mine….

When I first heard my diseases name I could not even spell it properly  “Lou Gehrig’s”…

I thought  for a while .let my neurons to  jump out and help me There was little energy in them with which I am still alive.

I can’t believe and am surely stunned to find my neurons working a little bit.!!

I could open up and swallow a little now days.I don’t think I am getting better but maybe I am going to be a complete puppet.I was keen on writing…

I began to think why I had to see that dreams.Now that I am a frog confined in to my well. How can I achieve my dreams?

I have become a culprit in my own jail.I have to live I must live..After crossing the dark river of my despire I am again .Dreams don’t forget me as I am still alive.


After reading this plz do look into this photo….



Park Seung Il, who’s been fighting against Lou Gehrig’s disease, has been receiving visits from all over the world  ever since his book, “Writing Hope With Eyes” was published ..

want to know more about him ???

want to know how he is more blessed than us???

Writing down the hope through eyes! Park Seung Il


Playing basketball always allowed Park to feel like he was the happiest man on the planet.

After years of successful career as professional basketball player,

 Park went abroad to the states to learn about becoming a coach.

 The years had its up and downs, however, Park came back as the youngest coach ever to

be hired in professional team. However, ALS did not make exception for Park.

In 2003, after six months of his initial symptoms, Park was diagnosed of ALS, Lou Gehrig’s

 disease. First, he had to sit in wheelchair, and then he had to stay in bed whole day.

As time passed, he lost his voice which had been his sole way to communicate.

 He had to connect his neck with long hose to get the food through it. His 6 ft. 11 inch body

 became a burdensome jail.

Still, Park did not give up. He began to communicate with world by moving his eyes,

the only part he was able to move. Using special computer designed for him, he started to

 write down the letters one by one. Although it was difficult even to write 5 letters in a minute,

 he took it as a blessing. Now, he is dreamed of building a sanitarium for

Lou Gehrig’s disease patients like him. In 2009, he published the book,

‘Writing down the hope though eyes(눈으로 희망을 쓰다)’.

KUDOS TO THIS STRONG HEART……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!