Yahoo! is a technology powered media company which connects half a billion people around the world.It has always contributed a lot to the development of internet and has embraced open source technologies. It was once a legend in the web technology who lost its place.
Yahoo! joined Linux Foundation in 2011 and committed itself for the new change.It participated in the working groups and initiatives focused on virtualization, cloud computing and legal topics.Yahoo! has a long history of contributing code to the open source community In 2009, Yahoo donated Traffic Server, a scalable caching proxy to the Apache Software Foundation, after becoming a Platinum sponsor in 2007. Today, several members of Yahoo!’s development teams are active, long-term code contributors to Apache Hadoop, the open source platform that makes it possible to efficiently process vast amounts of data on a cluster of commodity hardware. Yahoo! has developers and APIs deeply focused on PHP, Java, JavaScript, AJAX, ColdFusion, Ruby, Python and much more, in addition to many cross-platform applications. Yahoo! has also been open about sharing user interface tools, as you can see at the Yahoo! User Interface Library . And, Yahoo!’s site was built from day one to run on FreeBSD technology. Yahoo! will continue to contribute to the open source community and is leading the industry in supporting free and open software for building the next-generation of Internet-scale web services, contributing to an open source version of these powerful tools which are freely available to anyone who needs them.
There is no doubt that Yahoo! was indeed the legend but the abduction of the throne is really a sad history.How such a tech-powered media company which had the power to alter the game to its side failed and why Yahoo lost the influence it once had in the industry   are some of those tricky questions.
when a company began to play defense instead of offense it begins to lose the game,that is what happened with Yahoo. when it should have placed a offfense it opted for defense.Yahoo has lacked an effective strategy and with out a strategy , growth is impossible.The lack of strategy made Yahoo lose its leadership position in various fields.It lost its relevance and market.It failed to change the sails when every one turned their attention towards social media and mobile networking.They failed to make a place in this competition.
To stay put in the game one has to attack and counter attack the enemies and expand its boundary.To experiment and to make the best of errors to reinforce the team is what is termed as a good management.
We saw On July 17 2012 Marissa Mayer taking the C-position at Yahoo which declared that it’s still ready to battle for its place .
Will Marissa Mayer play her cards in the right place to bring back yahoo??Lets hope that the rise of Yahoo will mark a new beginning in the history of Web.The audience like the game when there is full of action.lets sit back and watch the game..but do not forgot to support and encourage the teams.Criticism is good for development but over scrutiny is harmful.let the game unfold and let us hear the story.