Fantasy to verity

Tech at a glance
Once upon a time there lived nomads who dreamt of flying just like the birds. They saw the dream, but their successors made it a reality. Ideas that seeded in their mind found the need to break their chains and flew high. They showed the world that imagination have the power to make things come true. When the 21st century blossomed, it witnessed a technical renaissance that changed the existence of human beings. What once thought to be found only in films and dreams have taken shape in front of us and that have made us open our mouths in awe. These advancements give the strength to see more dreams and make them true. The degree of interaction between humans and technology have increased to such an extent that the 21st century seems to make all the fascinations true. 
As Karl Marx stated, “………the formation of social relations, mental conceptions and attitudes are dependent upon technology”
It is evident that technology is the key that transforms the mentality of the people and the well being of the society. The connection and influence of technology on human thinking and society is widely under discussion. There are many positive as well as negative thoughts regarding the advancements. Some predicts that the world depicted in Matrix film can be seen in near future. Such a situation is not far that we humans will be under the control of robots. Technology can encroach our life and the tunes of our life may be put in purgatory.  There are also views that, these technical advancements can change the course of the universe and that a new era is waiting for us, a world where there will be no torments or wars.
When man discovered fire, it was the turning point of the humanity. With the arrival of Wheels he expanded his kingdom. That was when the technology started to take its baby steps. Now when we fast forward, we see Internet as the primary key that plays the key role in current advancements. The 21st century has been full of sumptuous inventions and discoveries; with the advancements from touch screen phones, BigData, Artificial Intelligence, Open hardware’s etc.With out the influence of Internet technologies all other areas that utilized it also developed to greater heights. Internet could increase the pace of development of other areas and developed inter disciplinary works, thus accelerating the collaborative development. The ease of access for data and information exchange can be viewed as the keystone in the developments of 21st century.

Twitter was created to answer one small question “what are you doing?”  But now it’s a platform to extend your business, personal aspects.Sometimes pictures can speak more than words and hence the interest and histogram have paved a new way of revolutionizing our thoughts.Even these platforms help us interact in our professional life LinkedIn and other professional organizations have extended the job search and opened the job market for the people.
MOOCs have become a reliable platform for acquiring knowledge thus developing a new ‘Educational Culture’. It makes the education available at our door steps. The availability of online classes and online channels help us to interact, exchange and acquire knowledge. Similarly Think binder and other technologies have showed that internet can maintain, collaborate and work together sitting at different poles.
Technology has revolutionized our world. From specs to Google glass, letters to chats, chats to hangouts, likes and tweets have conquered our world and now the change is rapid. Internet has become a part of our life .it gives us an exposure to communicate dynamically. If technology has contributed to computer science similar is the case of all other domains. Even those areas that seemed to be unrecognized have become a part of this revolution. Advancements of card size computers and the revolution of 2 second mobile charging seemed to speed up this evolution.
Real environment, augmented reality, virtual environment are surely going to make our world a virtual one.The advancements in genetics, energy, materials, and brain and information technologies will support the transformations.
Modern technology has provided a platform for us to lead a comfortable life. There is no work that can be completed without the help of technology. We are being addicted to it. We have no idea when likes, comments, tweeps, tweets, tweeting have entered into our mundane life. Social networking websites represent the wheels of technical advancements. These sites are even used for business promotions. Thus becoming a “virtual world” where we keep a unique identity and maintain a dual life. Teenagers and professionals both strive to keep their profiles updated and maintain a thin line between their dual lives.    
It’s true that new technologies enhance the capabilities and those are changing the way people view the world. “Success with social networking” is the new motto of Y-Gen. But despite advances in technology, have we humans, truly changed? Has technology altered the ways our minds function? 21st century technologies have expanded the public space, but have not fundamentally changed the human thought process. Whatever happens the well wishers of technology prays that these advancements should not have the fate of Maginot line. 

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