With the advancements of technology the world is rapidly undergoing a renovation. There are many catalysts in these advancements. Let’s have a peep into some of them:
The advancements in the fields of graphene are going to revolutionize the Internet. It will speed up the internet by up to 100 times. This development wills surely double the pace of the evolution that the web is undergoing.

With the flooding of data in internet, the availability of resources increased, but the arising big data problems is sucking the life of the web. The development of the “Superman Memory Crystal”, a small disk that is able to hold 360 Terabytes of data and preserve it for over one million years will enhance the storage mechanisms. In the future there will be overflow of data and the problems associated with it will be tackled with the superman memory crystal. 
 Another technology that will assist the physically disabled people is the “Robohand” which is a 3D-printed hand for people who are missing fingers. The medical field also witnessed the development in various Innovative wearable artificial pancreas and other human parts which will be a part of our human body.Pancreum CoreMD & BetaWedge are developd to ensure the humans, the ability to live their life smoothly.
In order to assure the security the “Doorbot” are the solutions…It enables you to view who is at your door through your phone.
The market dominating smart phones are now the symbol of trending technology. The multipurpose smart phones available in our hands reach have exceeded the limitations of an ordinary PC. The advanced options proposed by these smart phones enable the users to communicate, interact and exchange knowledge. Information at your finger  tips is now a reality.


The revolution of hardware is under progress.Raspberry pi leading the hardware area with the breathtaking ideas and wide range of opportunities, make the upcoming technology highly sophisticated. Arduino and other boards are emerging to dominate the industry.

With the increase in population, the human will have no space left on earth to accommodate. If this tends to go on like this , it’s sure that we will have to search  other planets or under water scrapers for survival. The trending hypothetical technology of ULTIMA TOWER, Water-Scraper and space settlement colonies are breaking the limitations of human imagination.
Lenovo has unveiled a computer the size of a coffee table that works like a giant tablet and can be used by up to four people at once .This will help “collaborate and work” model in web.
NASA has successfully sent an image of the Mona Lisa to the moon with a laser. Are lasers the future of interplanetary communication? This question is an eye opener to the upcoming communication technologies. The future of communication is more flexible with the development of new and advanced fibre optical cables and other  satellite communication technologies.
 A New Technology Converts Solar Energy into Vapour which have the capability to revolutionize the energy production and storage methods. This technology will mark the beginning of a much awaited movement for future.
The days of storing passwords in your brain are numbered. In a few years’ time you may be able to log into your online bank account using an electronic tattoo on your arm, or a pill that, once swallowed, broadcasts a password through the wall of your stomach.
Human Brain project and Blue brain projects are the stepping stone in making the artificial intelligence a prime focus in the upcoming era. There are various fields in AI like genetic algorithm, Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy logic that give a push to the developmental works.
The VASIMR concept of electro-magnetic thrusters for spacecraft propulsion is the modern step towards a faster propulsion technology. The manned MARS mission is on and the advancements in astronomy are being utilized. The experiments at International Space Station give a hope for the golden era of astronomy.
Researchers are going on in fields like nano technology, genome sequencing, quantum computers, super conductors and much more. The current trends will change and the path shown by these will surely enhance the development of other fields. Aforementioned areas are just the example of 21st century wow-factors. There are many areas which have shown promising growth. It’s time we move along with the technical advancements and be aware of them.

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