The major packages needed for android application development  are:
1)Android SDK   (developer.android.com/sdk/index.html)
   class library
   Developer Tools
     dx-Dalvik Cross Assembler
     aapt-Android Asset Packaging Tool
     adb-Android Debug Bridge
     ddms-Dalvik Debug Monitor Service
   Emulator and system Images
   Documentation and Sample code
2)Eclipse IDE +ADT :
   The main components required for establishing a Eclipse IDE +ADT are:
       1) package Explorer
       2) DDMS(Dalvik Debug Monitor Server )
       3) LogCat
       4) Console
3)•JDK 6 (Java Development Kit ) :
This makes a good combination for application developers.The user interface and application running developemtn gives the user a quick view of the product and can modify with ease.
An example is shown below:
The eclipse +  ADT is shown above,where the package explorer and console can be viewed.The source code is shown above the console.The package explorer contains the details of the application.As mentioned in previous post, package explorer gives the list of all the files necessary for an application to run.The console gives the execution details .

When the source code, say, listview.java  as shown in figure is executed as an ‘android application’, it simulates the emulator and it will come alive.Next if there is no error, the application package is installed.

The figures above  show the home view of the emulator which is much similar to that of an actual smart phone.When the application is ran in IDE the output can be viewed in the emulator.
This figure shows the output of the listview application.If you want to run an application which is already installed then just go to the menu.
Now we need to publish the application for distribution..We mainly use Google play.

Steps to publish in Google play:
1. Go to  play.google.com/apps/publish/
2. Upload an Application
        1. Upload .apk file
        2. Upload icons/images of an Application.
3. Listing Details
        1. Language – English, Title, Description
        2. Category – Entertainment / Education /Business/…
        3. Price – free / priced.
4. Publishing options
        1. Set copy protection to on / off
        2. set Content rating to All
        3. set Location to All location
5. Contact Information
        1. website name, E-mail, phone number
6. Check for acknowledge and click on Publish button.

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