With the entry of Android, the world witnessed the revolution in mobile ..from the physical keyboards to the touch screen the technology changed.Now most users opt for touch screens rather than the physical keyboards. Thus the smart phone users population increased. This giant leap inspired other competitors to enter into the market. The quest for  new technology began the race of mobile OSs.The entry of Apple’s iOS was the major breakthrough.What the world next witnessed was the battle that waved between iOS and Android. The power to capture the saddle belt is still on .Now the emergence of other competitors are really a siren for android.The market captured by Android may loose if right steps are not taken .
Recently Microsoft Windows overpowered Blackberry in the market.But the tug of war between Android and iOS,with Android continuing to out pace its rival is a good news for the Android well wishers.
Google Android takes tablet  OS and now shares the crown with iOS.This is a big revolution in the case of tablet OS. 


According to various studies the conclusions that support Android geeks are:
      60% of Android users are under the age of 34.
      8% of Android users switched from an iphone.
      45% of Android users say android is their first smart phone.

The top 10 download categories in android market can be seen in this figure.


The growth of Android market over the years can be seen here.

But admist this we are witnessing a battle with the Apple ios and the other upcoming mobile OSs.The emergence of Firefox OS with superior browsing and other mobile OSs are trying to gain the market from Android.


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