• It was predicted that Google Android Sales will Overtake iPhone in 2012 and the predictions came to be  true.
  • Intel doesn’t want to lose ownership of the netbook market, so they need to prepare for anything, including Android
  • Fujitsu launched an initiative to offer consulting and engineering expertise to help run Android on embedded hardware, which aside from cellphones, mobile internet devices, and portable media players, could include GPS devices, thin-client computers and set-top boxes.
  • Google executive Huga Barra said that Google’s Nexus family of devices will be the first to get the new version of Jellybean Android 4.3, but the Google Play Edition phones will have to wait a little while.
  • Amazon is reportedly working on developing an Android-operated gaming console (like the Ouya) scheduled to be released by this year.
  • The next Android OS Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is expected to launch in October 2013 alongside the new Nexus 10 tablet.
  • Intel unveils 2 android based tablets for education purpose.
  • A new app has been developed for iOS and Android devices that will protect Twitter users’ accounts from hackers and other attackers.
  •  Android won an astonishing 79% of the global smart phone market in Q2 with 187 million devices shipped; Apple sold 31 million iPhones  but its market share fell to 13%.
  • Googe play store beats Apple App store in app downloads but not in revenue.
  •  After $5,720 worth of Bitcoins were stolen using Android security flaw, Google engineers now warn devs to avoid JCA after “random” number generator produces duplicates.
  •  A mobile port of LibreOffice is “frustratingly close” to completion, but needs additional support to make it onto Android , hence  LibreOffice devs are seeking Android’s help.
  • Android founder Andy Rubin,the man behind the smartphone operating system will focus on new projects at Google, and makes way for  Google Chrome’s Sundar Pichai Chrome VP. 


  • Indian Government especially Ministry of External Affairs, has now entered into the world of smart phones with the launch of interactive app for Android and iOS devices.If you want to apply for a passport, check your passport status or ask any query to MEA ,then this app will surely save your time.
  • Narendra Modi fans have come up with a new dual-SIM Android mobile phone ” Smart Namo ” dedicated to the Gujarat CM.

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