Excellence through the wings of Science and Technology


To nurture world class technocrats with integrity, creativity, and ethical values who can meet global challenges in the service of humanity

GECP has always promoted the tech and life. As our vision state we thrive for excellence through the wings of science and Technology . The same vision should be promoted such that it includes the personal growth of each student.

The moral values which the current world discards must be achieved and with out which the excellence is of no use.The mentality to serve our country as an engineer and to witness its growth must be the underlying strategy that one should achieve.

what GECP can improve, is to think ahead of the time and reach to the students to promote the awareness of technology and its correct usage.

the technical activities of IEEE and FOSS must be organized with much dedication and that

It can utilize the TEQIP to ensure that the student projects of GECP reaches high levels.The efficient usage of SEED money and incubator for the startups can boost the students to start their own companies.

The teachers must guide and promote the students to  achieve our mission.The CGPU cell must take initiatives to promote and equip our students to face the employment issues.

The step4u programs must be coordinated in such a way that students benefit from the classes.Analyzing the students progress a computerized log in system must be implemented which will help both teachers and students to analyze their performance.

The teaching system should be changed and  the foot steps of BITS pilani are to be implemented.The student must be given a chance to evaluate their teachers and must attend the classes of their interest.This will ignite a competition and self analysis among the teachers ,which will benefit the students.But it must be taken care that no one misuses this opportunity.

The labs and libraries must be computerized and the e-learning system must be promoted.The MOOCs concepts can be implemented in our college such that the students will  be able to access and study their subjects from any where.

The OPEN ERP must be implemented to ensure the above functionalities.

Mobile jammers must be installed in all classes and the proper functioning of the projectors must be ensured.

There should be a library hour once in a week such that students can utilize the resources properly.The library should be equipped with books other than the technical stuffs so that the critical thinking ability of the students can be increased.With out reading and having no knowledge about the current affairs the students may fail in the long run of life.

Communicating in English is found to be a problem that pushes even the bright students to the pit fall. opportunities must be given for the students to interact with each others in English.Discussion sessions can be kept once a week to promote the critical thinking and this will ensure that “stage fright” can be eliminated.


Each class must have a group of representatives who can manage as:




Each group  must ensure the efficient utilization of its resources and must promote their motto.

The count down has began and 2015 is near our reach ..




The current activities of GECP was ignited with the arrival of IEEE and FOSS communities.Even though we can find ISTE at the beginning, it was the right minded devotion of the students  of GECP that made the institute popular in kerala with vibrant student activities.




The IEEE CELL of GECP was started in 2005 under the malabar hub of Kerala section.The WIE chapter and Robotics club of our institute have promoted the personal and professional life of students.

Various workshops and competitions organized by them are really a reality checker of our educational system.




The FOSS cell of GECP has shown the latest technologies and promoted the open source concepts.

With the support of tutors and other staffs they are organizing various support systems and tech classes to enhance the technical knowledge.



the NSS unit of GECP has a motto to promote their social service.Their activities are to be put forward. 




 Government Engineering  College Sreekrishnapuram, is one of those institutions in Kerala which provides a highly dignified assistance for the students in engineering profession. GEC Palakkad was established in 1999 and its still in its adolescence. Its situated in Sreekrishnapuram village in Palakkad district of Kerala. Working under the  Directorate of Technical Education, the college is run completely under the control of Govt. of Kerala .

At first, students had to accommodate to the inconvenience in their environment, despite this GECP  have produced  bright techies. The new building of GEC Palakkad was inaugurated on August 1st 2010 by the then Chief Minister Sri.V S Achuthananthan. The well established teen is considered to be the biggest engineering college in kerala which could accommodate all the branches in one campus. The peaceful atmosphere really makes our GECP a temple of Education.

The layout and the infrastructure of the college is organized such that the students could feel the silence and peace. The noise free environment of GEC Palakkad is highly commendable, where the ignited minds find their inner soul.

Initially the courses offered were  B.Tech computer science and engineering,Information Technology and Electronics and communication engineering.  In 2012, evaluating the capability and standard of GECP, Government of kerala, Technical department gifted another branch of engineering -mechanical engineering.

The struggles and devotion of students towards the upliftment of GECP have shown the world that they just need the right mind and a tag of GECP.







Short Description

OS INTEGRATION CARD can be handled just like a graphics card or USB ,which helps in OS switching with one click .Here there is no need to worry about the variations in the file systems.The variations in the file system is neglected by matching or uplifting the files to destined file system.


Full Description

There are many instances where we need to shift operating systems. Rebooting the computer for switching between operating systems can be tedious and time consuming.


OS INTEGRATION CARD can be handled just like a graphics card or USB.

It can adjust to the working conditions and will monitor the system functioning .it can also help in maintaining the temperature and will provide a constant analysis and warning about the radiations and temperature .


It will contain the operating systems which we prefer and help us in switching between operating systems with one click or even voice and short a card that can be controlled by voice, click or touch.



Example :


For a Ubuntu user who needs to use a few Windows applications occasionally (Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks etc that don’t work acceptably with Wine) he may use VirtualBox to boot a “virtual” install of Windows which requires quite a powerful machine with plenty of RAM to run really well. But this approach is not appreciated. In such cases we can use OS INTEGRATION CARD.





1. Connect OS INTEGRATION CARD to your system before you power on.

2. When you power on the system the card lists the operating systems.

3. Select the OS which you need to boot.

4. Your selected OS began to boot and the welcome screen is displayed.

5. If you need to switch to other OS, activate your card to switch mode.

6. Now card will take you to the OS list, select the one to which you need to switch.

7. The new OS will open as a new window in the previously opened window.

8. If you want to transfer files between operating systems that’s also allowed.

9. After the completion of the works close the window. Thus shutting the OS newly opened.


While we exchange the files between operating systems the variations in the file system is neglected by matching or uplifting the files to destined file system.




An executable file in windows can be transferred to ubuntu 12.04 for installing a particular application .The OS INTEGRATION CARD will uplift the file system of ubuntu 12.04 to accommodate the changes so that the file can be executed in it.


This idea probably reduce the time and space complexity of the existing systems and will enable all sort of people to handle their works much more efficiently.


What will happen when you are in the middle of a presentation and need to use other OS..??


What to do when you find your important files non-compatible with your OS ??


When you are put in such unpredictable situations ..


Solution is : OS INTEGRATION CARD !!!!!!!!!





Short Description



A mechanism which allows the study of the brain waves ,the chemical reactions taking place and the communication of neurons using a high power perceptual Interactive Gesture Camera .its useful in medical field (where we can do surgeries without anesthesia or other drugs).high speed networking,etc




Full Description



An Intel perceptual computing-interactive camera is fixed,which monitors the overall functioning of the brain.Perceptual computing allows users to interact with devices in new ways, including gesture and touch control, speech recognition, facial recognition, and object tracking.


* In case of a brain surgery, the patient will be asked to swallow a neuro-chip,which will be transported to the brain with the help of a magnetic pull enabled by the BRAIN ANALYZER,which can control the Neuro-chip from outside.An Interactive gesture camera is attached to the neuro-chip which will help in the surgery.

As per the gestures of the doctor,the high power interactive gesture camera can identify it and necessary actions will be taken .A virtual atmosphere of the Brain will be shown in the brain analyzer,which is connected to the Neuro-chip.thus the camera and the Brain analyzer will communicate with each other and necessary messages will be passed.this will be very useful for the doctors.Thus surgeries can be done without any complications .


*even for a normal sugery we can use the BRAIN ANALYZER which can replace

anesthesia and other drugs(which are harmful for human beings). A temporary blocking is done which allows patients to undergo surgery and other procedures without the distress and pain they would otherwise experience.


*this will be helpful in analyzing the neural networks and their interaction .the neuro-chip will monitor the working and communication of the neurons and will give the data to the BRAIN ANALYZER. these concepts can be developed as an algorithm for implementation in networking,which will boost up the data bit rate..


*this can act as a anti depression agent.This will explore the memory lane and will take out the memory patches and will make a reliving sensation.


* it will make anybody feel like he is actually somewhere else based on the connection with the camera that has the scenes loaded previously..

By programming we can produce the dynamics of things that either exist naturally or don’t make sense. We simulate the dynamics of systems and we look at how people learn to control those systems.


*after the completion of the analysis we can destroy the chip which is made out of bio-fibres.





Short Description


Those students who are suffering from learning disorders can be brought back to the main stream with the help of SMART LEARN .learning is not just memorizing everything ,instead it’s about reading, seeing, feeling , sensing and understanding the concepts .



Full Description


“Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life”-swami Vivekananda


The major aim of SMART LEARN is to provide education for all the children who are deprived of it


Especially for the children who are lacking learning skills and are suffering from learning disorders, we can develop a systematic learning mechanism with SMART LEARN. It first determines what type of learner you are and adjust the course content to match it.


A primary set of tests are done with SMART LEARN to recognize your pattern of study. The tests validate the level of difficulty in reading, writing, spelling, recalling, and reasoning. Usually learning disorder affect the brain’s ability to receive, process, analyze, or store … for this reason the input should be more comfortable for the brain to understand. By sensing your response to each type of learning pattern and analyzing them, the system is set to the specific pattern which suits you best.


If you are a visual learner then your course contents at the initial level will mostly be in the form of videos, animations etc and later other types of course contents will also be incorporated. This will help you to expand the learning pattern.


SMART LEARN can record the details of your pattern and can analyze it regularly to notify the developments. It can also suggest the changes required for the overall development. It provides a platform for VIRTUAL LEARNING .


If a student is unable to perform chemical experiments in the laboratory, he is provided with the visuals and can even experience the smell, color, texture of the chemicals (such sensation is artificially generated to give the actual working experience).


Even a blind can utilize this by setting the system to listening mode.He can interact directly with the system and the system can respond accordingly.


If the student have difficulties in speaking the system will auto-correct him.It will give him the correct pronunciation and semantics.


If you want to know more about a topic, you can activate the search mechanism which can be controlled with voice or text. It will search and lists the course contents that will suit you.




If you want to know about LINE CODING SCHEMES in digital transmission, system will search in various educational sites and will take only relevant data and summarize the topic .This will save the time and help you in preparing notes. It can even create a graph, which pictures various subtopics under it. You can explore more about it by opening the links.


We can also utilize Google drives for storing the course contents .Here examinations will be conducted, which does not depend on how much you by-heart but on understanding the topics.


Those students who are deprived of their chance to attend schools in under developing countries can also benefit from SMART LEARN.


Every child is special; give him the platform to manifest the perfection in him….




The above shows my contribution to the future through INTEL FUTURE CONTEST 2012.The response for each idea, from both participants and the experts were really helpful to establish a great foundation. Experts like Ido and Susan Brigandi were really supportive and helpful in making our idea see its real strength.


“Everything intelligent is so boring.” ―Leo Tolstoy,Anna karenina


Hearing and learning a lot from the past and diving deep into the channels of “The world of microprocessors ” now lets hear a few opinion from the trespassers about this world.


From the point of view of a computer science engineering student microprocessors are not a main stream area of study.But the interesting fact is that without understanding the basics of the microprocessors they won’t be able to code or enhance the underlying machine.The machine needs a language which it can understand, if you want to make it understand your  ideas in a different way, you need to either modify yourself or enhance the machine. To increase the performance with out modifying the underlying machine can cause your effort just ‘waste’.


For students interested in Embedded systems may feel the need for understanding microprocessors in depth.But what about others?


One of the emerging areas in computer science is BIG DATA .To handle a large quantity of data we use Hadoop and other tools.Even NoSQL data bases are developed to cut away the limitations  of the file formats.The data handling can be done much better if the underlying machine can fasten the process.There comes the importance of microprocessors for computer science students.


Another area, Artificial intelligence requires highly effective and powerful microprocessors to run their programs.Since they expect a real time processing, the more powerful the system the more accurate the result.

Similarly,Artificial neural Networks and genetic algorithms expect  optimization and approximate results which require proper processing.


What ever be the area of your study, the foundation that help you to develop your idea will be void with out microprocessors.



Microprocessors have traveled a long way and now they can be found even in your heart…


..Hey…No, I am n’t  a romantic  poet ..i was just telling about pacemaker …



….The  labyrinth laid out shows the complex features of microprocessors  but the one who understands it and moves on with his eye on the finishing line can surely win the race ….Its time the tale teller start her journey to find another pair of eyes that is in search of the hidden island-“The world of microprocessors” …






The desk that once used to hold all the components began to fall and the now the compact and more advanced laptops have taken their place.


It is indeed  a great advantage for the people to accommodate and establish a compact and sophisticated place for working on their machines.

The place once utilized by the peripherals that stuck out of place,is indeed a horrible experience.The latest technologies have made  a huge shift by including all in one..

That is to follow the old saying -“Old wine in a new bottle” 






The concept of cores have appealed the scientists greatly.With the ability to work more efficiently and not tireing  the machine,cores could not have done better.This ensures the smooth working and also the life of the system.

Each core can concentrate on different works such that parallel working is allowed.When more power is required all the cores can support it. That is ” work on demand”. 




















Intel and NASA have joined hands together for  the latest Mars mission.

The Mars mission required highly precise equipments  that can tolerate the ambiance and can work under tedious conditions.

NASA had no other better choice than to use Intel ‘s support and experience to accomplish this risky task.

Now its a joke that if the mars inhibitants happens to see a  rover they will chant  “Intel inside”..







On July 18th Intel turned 45.

It was the celebration of an era that witessed the change that the world had undergone.

Intel once again proved their motto “Think” and emerged to be a name that the whole world would carry for the years ahead.









“In just a few days, the tech world will be watching 25.03318, 121.560847.”


This was the news that flashed across internet and many googled to find what it was..All the searches and results pointed out to a conventional center..


The whole world waited patiently to watch another miracle offered by Intel.And as usual they announced forth generation Core i7 Extreme processors, including flagship six-core i7-4960X model.


Yet another feather in Intel’s crown.


•Operation of basic I/O operations is to act as an interface.

•Decode 8-, 16, and 32-bit addresses for enabling I/O ports

•The basic input device is a set of three-state buffers.

•The basic output device is a set of data latches.

•The term IN refers to moving data from the I/O device into the microprocessor and

•The term OUT refers to moving data out of the microprocessor to the I/O device.

•Handshaking for I/O operations

•Interface and program the 82C55 PPI (programmable parallel interface)

•Using the 82C55 to connect LCDs, LEDs, keyboards, ADCs, DACs, etc. to the processor

•Interface and program the 16550 programmable serial interface adapter

•Interface and program the 8254 programmable interval timer

•Interface DC and stepper motors to the processor

•Two types:

  – Transfer data between the processor accumulator (AL, AX, EAX) register and I/O device: IN and OUT

  – Transfer string data between memory and I/O device directly: INS and OUTS (for processors above 8086)

  IN and OUT:

•The IN instruction (I/O Read): Inputs data from an external I/O device to the accumulator.

•The OUT instruction (I/O Write): Copies the contents of the accumulator out to an external I/O device.

•The accumulator is:

  – AL (for 8-bit I/O),

  – AX (for 16-bit I/O),

  – EAX (for 32-bit I/O).

•As with memory, I/O devices have I/O addresses    (addresses for the I/O port)

•Up to 64K I/O bytes can be addressed

•The 16-bit port address appears on address bus bits A15-A0                                                                     This allows I/O devices at addresses 0000H-FFFFH

•Two ways to specify an I/O port address:

  – An 8-bit immediate (fixed) address (specified as a byte in the instruction): e.g. IN AX, p8     ; Reads a word from port p8

    0000H-00FFH (can only see the first 256 addresses)

  – A 16-bit address located in register DX (can be easily varied): e.g. OUT DX, AL; outputs the byte in AL to the port whose address is in DX

    0000H-FFFFH (upto 16K addresses). i.e. high port addresses are accessible only through DX addressing





…Its through the language and culture that a society breaths..

.. to understand the world of microprocessors and to communicate with them one must know their language and model…


The figure above shows the programming model of 8085 microprocessor. 



Microprocessor cannot understand a program written in Assembly language.A program known

as Assembler is used to convert a Assembly language program to machine language.


Another general concept is that of an addressing mode. We have seen three addressing modes so far. They are:

1. Data Register Direct. The operand is in a register.

e.g., MOVE D0,D1 ;both operands

2. Immediate Data. The operand appears in the instruction.

e.g., MOVE #1,D1 ;left operand only

3. Absolute. The memory address of the operand appears in the instruction.

e.g., MOVE 1000,2000 ;both operands



The instruction set consists of 74 operation codes and 246 Instructions.The instructions can be 

classified as

1.Data Transfer (Copy)

MOV-Move the contents of specified registers

OUT/IN -Copy between Input/Output Port and Accumulator



ADD-Add contents of specified register  to Accumulator

SUB-Subtract a 8-bit number from Accumulator

ADI-Add a 8-bit number  to  accumulator

SUI-Subtract a 8-bit number from accumulator

INC-increment the contents of specified Register  by 1

DCR-decrement the contents of specified Register  by 1

3.Logical and Bit manipulation

          AND two 8-bit numbers

          OR two 8-bit numbers

          Exclusive-OR two 8-bit numbers

          Compare two 8-bit numbers


          Rotate Left/Right Accumulator bits



              •Conditional jumps

              •Unconditional jumps

          Call & Return

               •Conditional Call & Return

               •Unconditional Call & Return


5.Machine Control


   HLT  Stop program execution

   NOP  Do not perform any operation