…When the history unfolds, it reveals  the story of people who lived a life devoted to their passion.Its through the history that a new generation develop and nourish their ideas.Without understanding the past , a  present cannot be created. The tales of history reincarnate…  

This is the story of a weapon that the mankind has been using and will use to extend his power not only in this planet but also in the whole universe. Here is the tale of Microprocessors……

To understand and enjoy this tale the story teller must take you  to the time when the Babylonians invented the abacus -the first mechanical calculator,with which the world witnessed the spark of a revolution.

As William Goldman says, who can sense revelation in the wind?(Princess Bride). Abacus was long lost in the memory, as a string of beads to perform calculations, but the impact it had left is much more than expected..

Following the footsteps of abacus when Blaise Pascal invented his calculator with gears and wheels, the world was set into motion. In 1800s when the world witnessed the dawn of computer age,humans began to dream about mechanical machines that could compute numerical facts with a program,not merely a calculation.


In 1937 Charles Babbage with Lady Ada invented the forefather of computers,which could generate navigational tables for the Royal Navy of Britain.The historians remember it as a  mechanical computer which had a variable program and could calculate much better than the previous ones.

That was how the mechanical age helped in the upbringing of microprocessors to its current  stage.

Now lets travel to 1970s where the advent of electric motors have given an electric shock to the whole world .There we can find the developed version of small hand held electronic calculator called Bomar Brain.They were the first electrically driven mechanical calculators .

 Mechanical machines driven by electrical motors continue to dominate the information processing world.Then the world tasted the goodness of the joint venture of mechanical and electrical science ..Colossus,Enigma,ENIAC.Those machines could perform only about 100,000 operations per second. The ENIAC thus thrust the world into the age of electronic computers.

Breakthroughs that followed were the development of the transistors on December 23 , 1947at Bell Labs .This was followed by the 1958 invention of Integrated Circuits by Jack Kilby of Texas instruments.The integrated circuits lead to the development of digital integrated circuit RTL or Resistor to resistor logic in the 1960s and the first microprocessor at Intel in 1971.Its the device that  started the microprocessor revolution that continues today at an even accelerating pace.

From the strings of beads to the infinitesimal  microprocessors, the world had reinvented itself to accommodate the changes…



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