“Everything intelligent is so boring.” ―Leo Tolstoy,Anna karenina


Hearing and learning a lot from the past and diving deep into the channels of “The world of microprocessors ” now lets hear a few opinion from the trespassers about this world.


From the point of view of a computer science engineering student microprocessors are not a main stream area of study.But the interesting fact is that without understanding the basics of the microprocessors they won’t be able to code or enhance the underlying machine.The machine needs a language which it can understand, if you want to make it understand your  ideas in a different way, you need to either modify yourself or enhance the machine. To increase the performance with out modifying the underlying machine can cause your effort just ‘waste’.


For students interested in Embedded systems may feel the need for understanding microprocessors in depth.But what about others?


One of the emerging areas in computer science is BIG DATA .To handle a large quantity of data we use Hadoop and other tools.Even NoSQL data bases are developed to cut away the limitations  of the file formats.The data handling can be done much better if the underlying machine can fasten the process.There comes the importance of microprocessors for computer science students.


Another area, Artificial intelligence requires highly effective and powerful microprocessors to run their programs.Since they expect a real time processing, the more powerful the system the more accurate the result.

Similarly,Artificial neural Networks and genetic algorithms expect  optimization and approximate results which require proper processing.


What ever be the area of your study, the foundation that help you to develop your idea will be void with out microprocessors.



Microprocessors have traveled a long way and now they can be found even in your heart…


..Hey…No, I am n’t  a romantic  poet ..i was just telling about pacemaker …



….The  labyrinth laid out shows the complex features of microprocessors  but the one who understands it and moves on with his eye on the finishing line can surely win the race ….Its time the tale teller start her journey to find another pair of eyes that is in search of the hidden island-“The world of microprocessors” …


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