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Those students who are suffering from learning disorders can be brought back to the main stream with the help of SMART LEARN .learning is not just memorizing everything ,instead it’s about reading, seeing, feeling , sensing and understanding the concepts .



Full Description


“Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life”-swami Vivekananda


The major aim of SMART LEARN is to provide education for all the children who are deprived of it


Especially for the children who are lacking learning skills and are suffering from learning disorders, we can develop a systematic learning mechanism with SMART LEARN. It first determines what type of learner you are and adjust the course content to match it.


A primary set of tests are done with SMART LEARN to recognize your pattern of study. The tests validate the level of difficulty in reading, writing, spelling, recalling, and reasoning. Usually learning disorder affect the brain’s ability to receive, process, analyze, or store … for this reason the input should be more comfortable for the brain to understand. By sensing your response to each type of learning pattern and analyzing them, the system is set to the specific pattern which suits you best.


If you are a visual learner then your course contents at the initial level will mostly be in the form of videos, animations etc and later other types of course contents will also be incorporated. This will help you to expand the learning pattern.


SMART LEARN can record the details of your pattern and can analyze it regularly to notify the developments. It can also suggest the changes required for the overall development. It provides a platform for VIRTUAL LEARNING .


If a student is unable to perform chemical experiments in the laboratory, he is provided with the visuals and can even experience the smell, color, texture of the chemicals (such sensation is artificially generated to give the actual working experience).


Even a blind can utilize this by setting the system to listening mode.He can interact directly with the system and the system can respond accordingly.


If the student have difficulties in speaking the system will auto-correct him.It will give him the correct pronunciation and semantics.


If you want to know more about a topic, you can activate the search mechanism which can be controlled with voice or text. It will search and lists the course contents that will suit you.




If you want to know about LINE CODING SCHEMES in digital transmission, system will search in various educational sites and will take only relevant data and summarize the topic .This will save the time and help you in preparing notes. It can even create a graph, which pictures various subtopics under it. You can explore more about it by opening the links.


We can also utilize Google drives for storing the course contents .Here examinations will be conducted, which does not depend on how much you by-heart but on understanding the topics.


Those students who are deprived of their chance to attend schools in under developing countries can also benefit from SMART LEARN.


Every child is special; give him the platform to manifest the perfection in him….




The above shows my contribution to the future through INTEL FUTURE CONTEST 2012.The response for each idea, from both participants and the experts were really helpful to establish a great foundation. Experts like Ido and Susan Brigandi were really supportive and helpful in making our idea see its real strength.


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