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A mechanism which allows the study of the brain waves ,the chemical reactions taking place and the communication of neurons using a high power perceptual Interactive Gesture Camera .its useful in medical field (where we can do surgeries without anesthesia or other drugs).high speed networking,etc




Full Description



An Intel perceptual computing-interactive camera is fixed,which monitors the overall functioning of the brain.Perceptual computing allows users to interact with devices in new ways, including gesture and touch control, speech recognition, facial recognition, and object tracking.


* In case of a brain surgery, the patient will be asked to swallow a neuro-chip,which will be transported to the brain with the help of a magnetic pull enabled by the BRAIN ANALYZER,which can control the Neuro-chip from outside.An Interactive gesture camera is attached to the neuro-chip which will help in the surgery.

As per the gestures of the doctor,the high power interactive gesture camera can identify it and necessary actions will be taken .A virtual atmosphere of the Brain will be shown in the brain analyzer,which is connected to the Neuro-chip.thus the camera and the Brain analyzer will communicate with each other and necessary messages will be passed.this will be very useful for the doctors.Thus surgeries can be done without any complications .


*even for a normal sugery we can use the BRAIN ANALYZER which can replace

anesthesia and other drugs(which are harmful for human beings). A temporary blocking is done which allows patients to undergo surgery and other procedures without the distress and pain they would otherwise experience.


*this will be helpful in analyzing the neural networks and their interaction .the neuro-chip will monitor the working and communication of the neurons and will give the data to the BRAIN ANALYZER. these concepts can be developed as an algorithm for implementation in networking,which will boost up the data bit rate..


*this can act as a anti depression agent.This will explore the memory lane and will take out the memory patches and will make a reliving sensation.


* it will make anybody feel like he is actually somewhere else based on the connection with the camera that has the scenes loaded previously..

By programming we can produce the dynamics of things that either exist naturally or don’t make sense. We simulate the dynamics of systems and we look at how people learn to control those systems.


*after the completion of the analysis we can destroy the chip which is made out of bio-fibres.


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