“Day and night woman must be kept in dependence by the males (of) their (families).Her father protects (her) in childhood, her husband protects (her) in youth, and her sons protect (her) in old age; a woman is never fit for independence.”     The Laws of Manu, c. 1500 BCE CHAPTER IX

This was the old convention that considered women to be a symbol of softness, an enigma of emotions and a dependent of man. Today such a thought is irrelevant, but still there are many who think that women can never reach the constraints of a successful man. A successful man defines himself with the qualities like power, influence and independence, and these are considered to be the traits of a successful person.  We can find only a fewer number of women who strive to reach such peak positions. So what are the traits of a successful woman? Don’t these women have the same traits as that of the men or do they have something else that triggers them but in a different manner?
Women are like the hidden unpolished diamonds; their character can come to the limelight only if they are smoothed and sharpened where ever necessary. She has the sense of empathy, influence and can manage the conflicts efficiently.
Some traits of women are usually assessed to be non-profitable in a money oriented environment. She empathise and makes the decision-making procedure a really tiring one. But don’t these people understand that empathy is such a feeling that can make the relations stronger, it’s the same feeling that decreases the distance between an employer and employees. A sense of dedication and gratefulness to the company and for the employer can be ignited with the same feeling. Empathy when used in a different angle can be utilized to influence people and make the execution procedure a really simple and organized. The power of empathy can be handled well by women.
Conflict management is yet another area where women seemed to be experts. The daily challenges and adjustments that they make in their personal life aids a woman to take the right actions for her firm. The constant exposure to conflicts helps women to adapt to the new ambience without many tantrums.
“In politics, If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” -Margaret Thatcher
Men usually consider women to be insecure. They think that women spent too much time in thinking about what others may think about them. Men usually  think that decision-making is the primary goal and that the impact it will have on others is secondary. That’s why when men take an anti-family policy they are less criticized than a women who takes such decisions. Critics expect women to understand the impact of these and at the same time expect women to be strict in taking such a step. If she contemplates with those decisions she is considered to be weak and if she makes stern decisions she is given a negative image. So what should she do?
The mind-set to think what others may think about them leads gives them a sense of self-awareness which is essential for the growth of an individual.
Women are aware about the competition that they have to face in this technical world. They try to adapt themselves to such competitions by enhancing their capabilities. They are constant learners even in the  They try to develop their skills and excel in them to prove their worth they always undergo through many tests and surely the test of iron makes the finest steel. Soft skills of women often excel than that of men. There are many problems faced by women when she needs to make a decision as a leader. She is expected to emphasis with others and if not she will have to face the warth.negative if she found to be too soft she is considered to be granted. And her efforts are not valid. If she becomes bold she is commented to be bold and too masculine in stereotype.Whether or not gender characteristics are inherited or socially constructed no longer matters as much as our ability to use what we’ve got to our own advantage.
As per the studies we can see the ruling of women in internet. Making use of social networks to interact and influence the people has now become more advantageous for the women community. Women leaders mostly utilize these to make sure that they have got a network that can accommodate them with he .These have transcended he physical cultural and national boundaries. Women often showcase their talents through their blogs and websites. In this case they have overpowered men population. They popularise their creative side and make the best out of it. Homemakers are now not just a kitchen holder but a master in networking. She gathers the people around her with the skills,  it may be through her stories, ornament, craft, cooking classes. Whatever it is, women have become the queen of internet. Market place has now found the new faces…tech industry will surely welcome the innovations and experiments with the mentality change. Men conquer women collaborate…