Excellence through the wings of Science and Technology


To nurture world class technocrats with integrity, creativity, and ethical values who can meet global challenges in the service of humanity

GECP has always promoted the tech and life. As our vision state we thrive for excellence through the wings of science and Technology . The same vision should be promoted such that it includes the personal growth of each student.

The moral values which the current world discards must be achieved and with out which the excellence is of no use.The mentality to serve our country as an engineer and to witness its growth must be the underlying strategy that one should achieve.

what GECP can improve, is to think ahead of the time and reach to the students to promote the awareness of technology and its correct usage.

the technical activities of IEEE and FOSS must be organized with much dedication and that

It can utilize the TEQIP to ensure that the student projects of GECP reaches high levels.The efficient usage of SEED money and incubator for the startups can boost the students to start their own companies.

The teachers must guide and promote the students to  achieve our mission.The CGPU cell must take initiatives to promote and equip our students to face the employment issues.

The step4u programs must be coordinated in such a way that students benefit from the classes.Analyzing the students progress a computerized log in system must be implemented which will help both teachers and students to analyze their performance.

The teaching system should be changed and  the foot steps of BITS pilani are to be implemented.The student must be given a chance to evaluate their teachers and must attend the classes of their interest.This will ignite a competition and self analysis among the teachers ,which will benefit the students.But it must be taken care that no one misuses this opportunity.

The labs and libraries must be computerized and the e-learning system must be promoted.The MOOCs concepts can be implemented in our college such that the students will  be able to access and study their subjects from any where.

The OPEN ERP must be implemented to ensure the above functionalities.

Mobile jammers must be installed in all classes and the proper functioning of the projectors must be ensured.

There should be a library hour once in a week such that students can utilize the resources properly.The library should be equipped with books other than the technical stuffs so that the critical thinking ability of the students can be increased.With out reading and having no knowledge about the current affairs the students may fail in the long run of life.

Communicating in English is found to be a problem that pushes even the bright students to the pit fall. opportunities must be given for the students to interact with each others in English.Discussion sessions can be kept once a week to promote the critical thinking and this will ensure that “stage fright” can be eliminated.


Each class must have a group of representatives who can manage as:




Each group  must ensure the efficient utilization of its resources and must promote their motto.

The count down has began and 2015 is near our reach ..




The current activities of GECP was ignited with the arrival of IEEE and FOSS communities.Even though we can find ISTE at the beginning, it was the right minded devotion of the students  of GECP that made the institute popular in kerala with vibrant student activities.




The IEEE CELL of GECP was started in 2005 under the malabar hub of Kerala section.The WIE chapter and Robotics club of our institute have promoted the personal and professional life of students.

Various workshops and competitions organized by them are really a reality checker of our educational system.




The FOSS cell of GECP has shown the latest technologies and promoted the open source concepts.

With the support of tutors and other staffs they are organizing various support systems and tech classes to enhance the technical knowledge.



the NSS unit of GECP has a motto to promote their social service.Their activities are to be put forward. 




 Government Engineering  College Sreekrishnapuram, is one of those institutions in Kerala which provides a highly dignified assistance for the students in engineering profession. GEC Palakkad was established in 1999 and its still in its adolescence. Its situated in Sreekrishnapuram village in Palakkad district of Kerala. Working under the  Directorate of Technical Education, the college is run completely under the control of Govt. of Kerala .

At first, students had to accommodate to the inconvenience in their environment, despite this GECP  have produced  bright techies. The new building of GEC Palakkad was inaugurated on August 1st 2010 by the then Chief Minister Sri.V S Achuthananthan. The well established teen is considered to be the biggest engineering college in kerala which could accommodate all the branches in one campus. The peaceful atmosphere really makes our GECP a temple of Education.

The layout and the infrastructure of the college is organized such that the students could feel the silence and peace. The noise free environment of GEC Palakkad is highly commendable, where the ignited minds find their inner soul.

Initially the courses offered were  B.Tech computer science and engineering,Information Technology and Electronics and communication engineering.  In 2012, evaluating the capability and standard of GECP, Government of kerala, Technical department gifted another branch of engineering -mechanical engineering.

The struggles and devotion of students towards the upliftment of GECP have shown the world that they just need the right mind and a tag of GECP.